Corrugated Packaging

When it comes to complete one-point solutions for the corrugated packaging industry, Gulf Industrial Solutions stands on top of the companies. We have it all, from Ideas to executions according to customer needs. We provide the following solutions :

Corrugated Production Line (Speed 150 m/min to 400 m/min)

Our corrugated production line is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the packaging industry.

Printing Machines

The advanced printing machines we use are equipped with cutting-edge technology to bring your corrugated packaging to life. 

Stitching Machines

The stitching machines provide reliable and efficient closure solutions for your corrugated packaging.

Glue Machines

We employ glue machines that offer a seamless and efficient adhesive application process for corrugated packaging. 

Paper & Box testing Equipment

The paper and box testing equipment ensures the highest quality and performance of your packaging materials. 

Pre-Heater (Pre-Conditioner)

The pre-heater, also known as a pre-conditioner, is an essential component in the paper and box
manufacturing process. 

Single Facer / Double Facer

single-facer and double-facer machines are designed for high-performance corrugated board production. 

Water Repellent Agent

Our water-repellent agents provide an effective solution to protect your paper and boxes from moisture damage. 

Auto Starch Kitchen System

The company’s auto starch kitchen system offers a streamlined and automated solution for starch preparation in the paper and box manufacturing process.

Slitter Scorer

Our slitter scorers are precision machines designed for the efficient cutting and scoring of corrugated sheets. 

Rotary Shear

Our rotary shear machines provide precise and efficient cutting of paper and cardboard rolls. 


Our stackers are designed to handle and organize finished corrugated sheets or boxes with ease. 

Conveyor Belts

Our stackers are designed to handle and organize finished corrugated sheets or boxes with ease. 

Mill Roll Stand

The mill rolls stand to provide sturdy support for paper rolls during the production process. 

Starch Additives

Our starch additives are specifically formulated to enhance the adhesive properties of corrugating starch.

Waste Baling Press

Our waste baling press machines efficiently compress, and bale waste materials generated during the production process.