About Us


Gulf Industrial Solutions is a regional growing solution provider for the pulp and paper industry.

We are the fastest emerging and one-of-its-kind organizations in Pakistan that provides complete Pulp & Paper industry solutions. Our company provides consultation, plant design, installation, commissioning, process & operation optimization and all types of raw materials and equipments including complete turnkey projects.
We provide quality products, competitive price & impeccable services for customer needs. Our strong Techno-Commercial expertise enables us to create unique possibilities for all scales of businesses that common companies could not.
In Short, we understand Pulp & Paper industry need and help our customers to achieve their goals.

Our Values

“Driven by unwavering focus of our goals we will always strive to achieve our vision, grow our market presence and most importantly satisfy our clients. In pursuit of this we shall convey professionalism and integrity in every facet of our business.”



We believe that our commitment to our customers differentiates us from others.



Sales services as science because our goal to generate customers satisfaction.



We ensure care of our paper industry people and environment.

Key Team Members

Our approach to SERVE is uniquely built around dedication & Commitment. 

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Tajammel Hussain

Experience: 9 Years

Our CEO, has a vast experience of over 15 years in the Pulp & Paper industry including production at Pakistan’s biggest paper mills and technical services for paper mills in UAE, Bangladesh, and India. Moreover, he is well known in Pakistan’s Paper industry for his efforts and hard work toward introducing new innovations and developments.

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Arif Ali

Manager Technical Applications
Experience: 30 years

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Muhammad Tariq Manzoor

Experience: 8 years

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Rehman Ahmad

Manager Process Automation and Control
Experience: 15 years

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Saqib Arif

Business Development Manager
Experience: 18 years

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Haider Usman

Engineering Services Manager
Experience: 7 years

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Kinza Raza

Experience: 3 Years